It was February 20, 1945 when a parcel of land was purchased from Ed Wirth. A total of 49.8 acres were purchased at that time. This land is where the main club facilities are located today. In 1946, at the annual meeting, a motion was made and passed to hold monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month. In the fall of 1947 a skeet field was constructed and then in the spring of 1948 the first trap field was built. In May of 1949 the officers decided to build the lodge to offset the costs associated with raising raccoons, etc. The first dance at the new lodge was held on June 11, 1950.

Today the Tri-County Coon Hunters is a conservation and shooting club with multiple facilities for the shooting enthusiast as well as for family recreation. The club property is located just outside of Batesville, Indiana. The club’s shooting areas include three trap fields, one skeet field, a rifle range and a sporting clays field. A large club house on the property is used for club meetings and events. The club grounds also contain a horseshoes area and a large fishing lake.

Dues for joining the club are $30 for a annual membership. Having a club membership is not required to participate in any club sponsored shoot or event, however it is encouraged. The money collected for membership goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. Membership is required when using the grounds for non-sponsored outings.

Regular club meetings are on the second Monday of every month at 7:30 pm at the club house